“All-in-one” shop for those who “lives with coffee”

“All-in-one” coffee shop belongs to My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea at No. 2 Hoa Lu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi.

In the days that the coffee shops compete with the unique form from decoration to service, drinks, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is quite the opposite: look for simplicity, return the private space for the customers.

The drinks of course there are coffee, tea, detox drinks, ice blended. However, the difference that the drinks on the menu of My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea bring is not the complex names but come from the ingredient that most people are subjective: ingredients make up to drink. Yes, the ingredients are the first thing to make the taste of the drink and of course, to ensure health, too! If you want to drink clean coffee from Da Lat, Lam Dong; clean tea from Moc Chau, Thai Nguyen … My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is where you need to be. All drinks here are organic and 100% ingredients from Vietnam!

From the name on the menu, you can know the origin of the drinks such as Bitter Ban Me, Moc Chau orange … ready to bring to customer to enjoy along the “charming” journey to the place that nature has favor to donate to our country. Add a little spice, a little fresh orange, it shall turn the tea of ​​Moc Chau plateau into a special drink like Moc Chau orange, Moc Chau pepper. Bitter Ban Me or sweet Ban Me comes from the Ban Me Central Highlands, is original, fresh and not marinated, just blended with the taste of coffee in a reasonable rate for each person’s taste.

One of the “specialties” that must be tried when arriving at the shop is extremely unique ice blended cups. Like the popcorn with the aroma of Arabica coffee combined with the popcorn such as popcorn with flavor of Arabica coffee combined with tasting deliciously buttery popcorn. Madeline is a refreshing drink with flavor of Madeline cake on a very specialized background of Vietnamese coffee.

The combination of Vietnamese coffee with fresh flavors from the imported ingredients with delicious flavor is hard to resist shall make you will be fascinated. If you like to “stay” at the shop, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea also has office meals and delicious cakes.

The space of My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is suitable for all needs, including but it seems to be incompatible with each other: chatting with friends, dating “someone” or work, and exchange the work. At here, it’s full of bustling sidewalk space, vibrant coworking area or private corners. This modern and liberal coffee shop does not follow the “trend” but promises to be a “new trend” of the followers.

Say goodbye to crowded coffee shops, try to get stuck with furniture and dozens of unnecessary decorations … Taking coffee is no need to and not despair to bearing the “narrow” like that. My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea brings a spacious, airy space to comfortably breathe rather than robbing each other’s oxygen.

My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea “prepares” an eave with extremely open space, allowing the city lifestyle to be as close to but not too noisy. There is nothing to compare with feeling like sitting on the sidewalk to enjoy the coffee, become absorbed in chatting with your friends comfortably!

Opposite to the open space, the enclosed space is for dating couples or simply for “autism”. But one of the great corners of the shop is the co-working space, where many talented men gather to startup to personality freelancers.

My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea seems to be born to meet your difficult needs, a multi-status coffee shop, always a place where you need peace and privacy but it still ready to help you to have fun hours with your friends.

In fact, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is not the first coffee shop to pay attention to the “open” space but adhere to this idea absolutely. You will see that the restaurant does not try to “invite with insistence” to customers with frivolous decorations, but rather from the sophistication and simplicity. Simplicity but not monotonous by the subtle arrangement rather than superficial, frivolous. Beautiful flowerpots are present throughout the shop, private corners are decorated with personality, along with the unique “props” available for the needs of checkin.

Following the trend or unique does not mean “specific”. And if you’re in need of a coffee shop for yourself, then obviously, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is the wonderful place!

Good news for pupils, students when visiting My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea on occasion of opening will always have gifts. Super cool drinks will be free for later enjoyment, just remember to bring your student card when you check in at the store.


* From January 28th, 2018 to February 5th, 2018: “Every student has gift” program offers 01 free ice blended voucher for the next time, applied for all students when presenting student card at No. 2 Hoa Lu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

* From January 28th, 2018 to February 10th, 2018: “Discount all kinds of cake 30% from 18h to 20h daily” program, applicable to all customers to buy the cake in the duration of 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. daily.

* From January 28th, 2018 to January 30th, 2018: Send to Facebook fan page of brand with hashtag #cholybanme #cholymocchau #cholybongngo #cholybanhPhap to receive 01 cup of Vietnamese coffee or 01 Vietnamese tea or 01 ice blended with corn flavor or French Madeline cake.

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