Drifting Hanoi, sitting coffee to enjoy the view

Located on not too noisy, bustle Hoa Lu Street… My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is modern but close spaces, an ideal coffee place for everyone in Hanoi.

Going while at new opened New Way Coffee & Tea Open at No. 2 Hoa Lu, order a glass of coffee with milk. The “modern” look of the shop, with a rich menu of drinks in “interesting” name such as Madeline, Popcorn, Latte Macchiato Popcorn … I thought, it might be better suited to young people than 40-year-old people like me.

But, the first impression is not always true, because of coffee with milk of the restaurant is amazing. The brownish color of the coffee blends with the milk, its smoothness and wonderful aroma make everyone love.

This spacious two story coffee shop is full of choices for everyone to enjoy. First floor is for noisy groups of young people sitting chat happily. The second floor of the shop has a vibrant coworking area, opposing the quiet corner on the other side. My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea evokes the warmth, breathe of modern life, though it is decorated simply, different from other coffee shops.

The bartender explained that the coffee is extremely delicious because the ingredient source is selected by the shop. It’s purely from Vietnam, 100% natural, coming from the fresh clean mountainous areas of Da Lat, Tay Nguyen. Not only coffee, he also advised me to enjoy tea in the next visit. He passionately talked about the tender tea leaves grown and picked from Thai Nguyen. “No flavoring, no coloring, nothing … real tea taste of ​​Vietnam only,” he finished his excited introduction.

For those who love the original coffee taste, I think they have a preferred place for themselves, without having to go out to familiar coffee shops, now crowded by the curiosity of many people. Conversely, for young people who like new coffee style, this can also be their favorite place. As mentioned above, the types of coffee combined with popcorn flavor, French Madeline … are attractive enough for them.

After the introduction, he left me with my cup of coffee and the impending busy morning. Choose a seat under the airy porch, in front of me is the stream of people drifting before the eyes. I find myself seemingly the lucky person here, beside the cup of fragrant coffee, looking at other life is flowing with him, lively and colorful to strange without hurrying, hastily.

An ideal seat, under the porch, like the coffee shops we still watch movies. There is aromatic coffee, noisy street when crowding, bustle … There are new drifting sounds of life. My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea gives people a sense of peace when they enter, gives them a “slow life” rhythm, just to enjoy the full flavor of life.

Although I just came here but I will definitely recommend to friends here. It does not need the “vintage”, “layout” oldfashion as the coffee shops I know but still carry something thinking, between the modern space. Intimacy, informality comes from the products they serve, making the experience of coffee really great.

What better way to start the day with a shaking cup of coffee, listen to the breath of the street and enjoy the peaceful aftertaste of life. Just take a sip of coffee, suddenly feel like there is a street just across the street, and we sit here peacefully.

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