Introduce a coffee shop with unique Popcorn ice blended

My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea, a new coffee shop addressed at No. 2 Hoa Lu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, is enchanting the soul of young people with unique drinks.

Let’s forget the cup of milk tea, because Popcorn ice blended is a new drink causing a fever in Hanoi today. It promises to create a trend in the coming time, popcorn with unique formula of My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is making everyone “crazy”.

Unique beverages

Combining Vietnamese coffee with the flavor of popcorn from France, this ice blended has a characteristic aroma of coffee and the smell of popcorn. Not only that, the sweet vanilla ice cream makes the “sweet favorite” followers love.

By fame as one of main drinks of My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea, Popcorn Ice blended received very positive feedback from young people when they launched. Even people who are not passionate about coffee have to remove their hat in front of this wonderful drink.

Besides Popcorn ice blended, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea also makes many young people have to “check-in” by the list of wonderful and unique drinks such as Madeline, Green Life, Moc Chau Orange. If Madeline is a creative combination of coffee and Madeline Cake from France, Green Life, detox drinks combined with cucumber and spinach is also very attractive, both delicious and extreme good for health.

In addition, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea also has a long list of drinks from Asia to Europe, ensuring the delicious to “forget the sorrow.” You will be easy to find yourself a cup of traditional coffee with deep aroma and the standard Italian Cappuccino cup. Besides, the special tea formulas, tender tea leaves picked in Thai Nguyen also bring a completely different experience…. The natural and organic ingredient sources, including tea, coffee … from Vietnam have created a special for the drink. It is worth a try!

Place deserving to stay

Besides the unique drinks, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea also has a great space, so that once you have arrived, you will want to stay forever. It is a special place for young people, a place for leaving behind the chaos of life to enjoy the real “slow life” for themselves.

If these unique drinks are what stimulate young people to enjoy, the space of My Way New Journey is the hold on them for longer. Modern life makes us “buried” 8 hours at work, not at school is also at home. Life is “swallowed up” every precious moment in the day, sometimes we have to make a choice of where to go, to eat because of the tight time.

If there is a word to describe it, it is the breath of life today that gives you a very pleasant feeling whether you just visit by to enjoy a quick cup of coffee or sit back all day.

You can comfortably chat, read books, relax … Designed smartly, this coffee shop creates its own spaces, connects with each other and respects the privacy of the customers.

Whether you go alone, for date or join a group, My Way New Journey Coffee & Tea is well suited. As mentioned, this coffee shop has the “cut off” spacious space into quite isolated areas. Green trees – many green trees are the “shield” for your private minutes with your loved ones.


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