My Way offers nearly 1 billion scholarships to students

In 2017, My Way Vietnam offers 32 scholarships to students of Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism.

On the morning of September 20th, 2007, at the Opening Ceremony and New Student Welcoming Ceremony of Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism, Mr. Dang Xuan Thanh, Dean of My Way Training Division, represented My Way Vietnam to offer 2 scholarships for 2 ethnic minority students who are in difficult situation and achieved excellent academic results in the past school year. They are: Ly A Giong, 2nd year student in Tourism Management class 8A and Hoang Thi Anh, 2nd year student in Hotel Management class 8C, Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism

Each scholarship of VND 2,500,000 is not only a gift from My Way Vietnam, it is also an encouragement, patronage and appreciation for two students of ethnic minorities. Together with two scholarships for this school year, in the school year 2017

2018, My Way offers 30 additional scholarships joint training valued from 22 to 36 million/year for students Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism.

For My Way Vietnam scholarships for the academic year 2017

2018, students receive the following benefits:

It is paid tuition by My Way;

It is arranged job placement after graduation;

It is allowed to practice 4 hours a day at the My Way restaurant system right from the start participant;

It is supported with remuneration during internship by My Way, the amount of support is increased each semester. My Way Vietnam scholarships will be awarded annually to excellent students by their dynamism, enthusiasm and passion to build a career right from the time of studying in the lecture hall.

Over the course of more than 10 years of development, My Way is always accompanying, paying attention to and supporting young Vietnamese people, especially students in Hanoi with the desire to build and improve raise the increasing quality of Vietnam’s professional workers, coming to well matched with the workers of the more advanced countries in the region, approaching the high level of workers in the world.

Many students who have been received or are receiving My Way Vietnam Scholarships practicing, apprenticing in the My Way restaurant system, hotel have attached and considered My Way as their second home. In My Way, the students in particular, young people in general are always well trained, guided to become the “brand ambassador” of the chain of restaurants, luxury hotels. In My Way, each young person is living in solidarity, sharing, caring and loving … From time to time, people choose the new horizons, My Way is still the first common house, the starting place marking each step of their growth and success.

My Way always prides itself on the value that it brings to young people, because My Way is ready and always creates the environment, the opportunity to leverage the Vietnamese talents.

Some pictures at the Opening Ceremony, New Student Welcoming Ceremony of Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism:

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