Quality of coffee is mainly from ingredients

It is the reason why during 10 years of development, My Way Café & Beer always pay special attention to the supply source of coffee.

Coffee is the world’s most popular and favorite beverage, with an estimated annual consumption of over 400 billion cups, with a total global trade of more than $35 billion. Coffee has been an integral part of the daily lives of people around the world, regardless of age or gender. Whether in the United States, Britain, France, India, Japan, Korea or Vietnam, we can easily find a coffee shop to stop and sip a cup of coffee with a seductive scent.

It’s different from other drinks, coffee is considered a drink to create a sense of excitement, stimulate the creativity even in places like the United States, people drink coffee just for refreshment purposes. According to a study published in August 2005 by American chemist, Joe Vinson at Scranton University, coffee is an important source of antioxidants that help reduce cancer risk – the effect that was previously only seen in fruits and vegetables.

Coffee has very large and important affect to life, but not anywhere in the world can grow coffee. Currently, coffee is grown in more than 80 countries and Vietnam is proud to be the second largest coffee producing country in the world (behind Brazil) with total production in 2016 of over 1.8 million tons. Vietnam is also the largest Robusta coffee exporter (type of the second most important coffee in the world) and accounts for half of the global Robusta production. Nearly 90% of the coffee area in Vietnam is grown as Robusta coffee, especially in the Central Highlands.

It can be said that Vietnam has a particularly important position on the world coffee map. With the world’s second largest production, Vietnamese coffee is not only provided to indigenous peoples but also satisfy to the great needs of the global population. And mentioning Vietnamese coffee, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak cannot be forgot to be mentioned. In Dak Lak, almost every district grows coffee, but Buon Ma Thuot coffee is rated as the highest quality and the most characteristic flavor. With the advantages of rich basalt red colored soil, covering the advantages of natural conditions, it is not only where coffee grows well, but also create high quality coffee beans, different flavor in comparison with many other areas, Buon Ma Thuot soon became the coffee capital of Vietnam and was listed on the world coffee map.

Buon Ma Thuot coffee has come to many houses, many coffee lovers all over the world. In Vietnam, people often say: “If you like coffee, find Buon Ma Thuot.” Ban Me coffee is a “stimulant”, which is hard to resist to the coffee lovers.

But how can every day, Vietnamese people can enjoy the best Vietnamese coffee, Buon Ma Thuot real coffee the coffee that many countries have to import, many people have to wait a long time to drink? Is it a luxury gift to Vietnamese people living in Hanoi capital far away from the Central Highlands to nearly 1,300km and now, for many reasons, Vietnamese people have to drink dirty and fake coffee without knowing…!?, Answer that question is the mission that My Way Café & Beer selfdetermined from the establishment and throughout the development. Over the past 10 years, My Way Café & Beer always particularly focused on the supply of coffee because of the undeniable fact: 70% of coffee quality comes from ingredients.

Understanding that coffee is not a refreshing drink, but the subtlety and a source of energy for a lot of people, My Way Café & Beer always choose the best coffee from Buon Ma Thuot coffee capital to serve diners. The coffee lovers, therefore, understand the value and the subtlety and difference of My Way coffee.

In 2017, attending the 6th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, My Way Café & Beer selected the best coffee supplier from over 100 companies and organizations participating in the Coffee Expo. Accordingly, the supply of coffee for My Way Café & Beer has been credited for more than 20 years in the coffee export market of Vietnam; direct supply to global corporations such as Nestle, DEMB, Jacobs, Lavazza, Tchibo …and has also been awarded international certificates such as: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz, HACCP and 4C. One criteria for choosing coffee supplies for My Way Café & Beer is: clean coffee, ensure food safety, for public health. The coffee supplier for My Way has received the certificate of quality for public health at the Coffee Expo Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival 2017; certified by Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for the process of producing coffee to ensure food safety. In addition, according to the test results of the Tay Nguyen Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (Ministry of Health), ingredient coffee for My Way restaurant is completely natural coffee with characteristic puce color, characteristic aromatic smell of coffee powder, no strange smell and taste; absolutely no toxic chemicals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and ochratoxin.

In order to serve each of the best coffee to each customer, My Way Café & Beer always attaches much importance to 70% value of the ingredients and constantly develops the processing and mixing technology with the secret of forming and keeping for many years. Each cup of real Vietnamese coffee with unique taste, delicate and safe for health are favorited by customers, helping them to enjoy life every day in a complete manner is the success and happiness of My Way Café & Beer. With the love and passion for coffee as well as Vietnamese values, My Way Café & Beer and diners will always have the same harmonious, sharing and sublimation for happiness and success!

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