Cho Que

The culinary culture and quintessence of Vietnamese ingredients are impressive and different.

“Time goes by so fast
Visit “countryside”, go to “market”, the mind tumults
Sober, drunk or have dreams
I deem to live in days of old year”
(Quote: Countryside Market – Do Loc)

Countryside Market (Cho Que)- is the small roof, a bowl of green tea, dry pancake, plain rice flan, is where – dream in the childhood that is held by mother to buy a powder candy, sesame candy or bowl of green tea which tastes sweet and delicious.

Countryside Market – is the “sellers” in the market, with baskets of cake, baskets of steamed glutinous rice, rattan of gruel kept in blanket or hot pot of noodles in chowder … only simple like that, but weekly, mothers, on weekly or full moon village fairs, shall stay to buy “two penny of plain rice flan and one penny of noodles in chowder”. Crucian carp noodles in chowder or snail, crab noodles in chowder for more luxurious, the cool shaking, sour slender-waisted bowl when dipping.

Stand up but still regret!

Countryside Market –  the period when the chicken, banquet of steamed glutinous rice or blanket of pig’s tripes, pieces of boiled fat meat are more delicious dishes than “viands”. The children, just wish that on the holidays, or some anniversaries and worshipping days in a year, parents when attending shall bring some wrapped in a banana leave.

Cho Que – is a nostalgia, but then have to “distraught” because we only have noisy and gaudy urban area around us. As the poet Ha Cu said, Countryside Market is like a “little power light” that many people have to “take pains in each dream to find out”. Countryside Market is always bold in the heart with so many memories, many products and dishes that only exist in such market, such area.

Cho Que restaurant was born to settle down a part of love, remember of such Vietnamese countryside market.

The countryside has left so far. But sometimes, in the scramble of daily life, people want to return to the peaceful “countryside”.

Sitting under the leave roof of Countryside Market…

With a coldish and open space, reminiscent of the countryside soul, with roofs of cottages, banyan tree and well… Chon Que Restaurant has become a meeting place for the people living away from the old countryside, or the guests want to enjoy the typical taste of the countryside of the North – Central – South, and typical Vietnamese dishes.

Cho Que Restaurant – a familiar countryside corner in the city!

Addressed: No 1/163 Hoang Ngan street, Trung Hoa, Nhan Chinh, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Hotline: 093 281 1080
Phone 024.6268.8885


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