The plentiful wine cellar in Hanoi brings a true sense of European culinary culture.

IL VINO is the first place to bring high-quality wine culture in the space of wine cellar of European countries to Hanoi.

Currently, IL VINO has 2 establishments: IL VINO Cellar at My Way Hotel, No. 2 Lane 86 Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi and My Way IL VINO at 68A Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

IL VINO space

Reflecting on the unique architectural style of the European wine cellar, a German architect, Tosten Illgen made IL VINO at My Way Hotel into a special gift for wine lovers.

With its magnificent domes, sparkling candle chandeliers, steel door frames with classic design, stone blocks and precious wood closely to nature, IL VINO is the only wine cellar in Hanoi to meet the strictest standards in terms of temperature, light, humidity of the art of preserving and collecting wine with a thousand years’ history of Europe.

Meanwhile, My Way IL VINO at No. 68A Tran Hung Dao is another gift that My Way gives customers in Hanoi capital. It also has style of traditional European architecture, My Way IL VINO is not only more spacious and diverse in space, but also brings a romantic style of the beautiful cities of the West. Decorated with works of Renaissance art, IL VINO also carries an elegant, mysterious European atmosphere.

Classical culture space of wine culture at IL VINO

With a collection of thousands of bottles of rare wine, IL VINO is the ideal place for diners to indulge the passion with the completely natural grape drink. Visit IL VINO, diners can enjoy the famous wine from the famous wine countries all over the world such as Italy, France, New Zealand, Chile … Shocking is probably the best word to describe emotions if you have a chance to enjoy the Wine collection at IL VINO. The collection is “quiet in sleep” and waiting for you as princess sleep in the forest waiting for the prince to wake up.

IL VINO is also a space for customers to meet, exchange, connect, share information, knowledge and feelings with the community of Wine lovers, who work in the field of business, art who are both successful and happy and full of passion for life. IL VINO is also where you can meet producers, masters of Wine, cuisine to enrich the wine culture knowledge in particular and European culture knowledge in general.

With a space of various architecture and elegance, IL VINO has always been chosen as the destination of events for Wine and food culture. For a long time, IL VINO has been a popular address for businessmen, embassies, diplomats and artists … The events at IL VINO have been contributing to the enrichment of Hanoi’s cultural life. Wine lovers come from different fields. Visit IL VINO to live up to the passion of European cuisine and wine, to become an expert in the great beverage that the Creator awards!

Addressed: 68A Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
Hotline: 093 461 1080
IL VINO Cellar 
No. 2 Lane 86 Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Email: myway@company.com
Hotline: 090 937 1080.
Phone 024.3633.0295-024 62 618 618
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