Mau Dich Vermicelli

The space of the old stories combined with the traditional vermicelli of Vietnamese people.

Born and grown up in Vietnam, Vietnamese people cannot forget a trade period when all the methods of purchase, payment are carried out by stamp.

From the story of My Way brand which always appreciate the cultural values and Vietnamese products, we represent the image of “trading time through each old wooden table, each green doors and tools such as water bottles of soldiers or cassette or even big bowl which are made of Bat Trang Porcelain. We bring the image of “trade” culture in combination with delicious dishes and modern services. Customers shall recall memories of “just in piece” time and enjoy delicious food with warm welcome of staff. With various menus wallowed in old favor of grandmothers and mothers.

Bun Mau Dich serves customers with dishes in bamboo baskets loaded by vendors like “Bun Rieu” and regional specialties like “Bun Bo Hue”. Each dish brings unforgettable traditional flavor of Vietnam.

With the message delicious food, fresh beverages, happy people. Bun Mau Dich shall give you the belife in strong Vietnamese culture dishes which are clean and tasty.

No 02, Hoa Lu Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0936571080

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