Located in the prime location of the Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh Urban Area, Mfitness’s presence has provided the community with a high-quality health, training and relaxation service that contributes to lifting high quality living of the communities and neighborhoods.

Mfitness is a complex of high quality indoor sports and fitness with the following services: Gym; yoga; group x; swimming pool; relaxing Jacuzzi. Spreading over an area of ​​more than 6500m2, one side is adjacent to the green ecological campus of Phuc Thanh Garden, Mfitness is impressed with the spacious space-architectural design, creating the comfort and help you shelter all worries, busy of daily life. Particularly, the factor of creating service quality must be mentioned to the team of qualified trainers and technicians well trained and enthusiastic about customers.

Visit Mfitness, the first impression is the four seasons swimming pool with smart design, using modern water treatment technology, protecting the health of the trainers. In particular, the unique underwater audio system only available at Mfitness, which spreads the tunes of live music streaming through the waves will bring you hours of complete practice relaxation.

Whether you are looking for a resistant, athletic body or just want to get rid of tiredness, fitness services with a variety of levels from gyms, yoga, group x are an ideal solution for you.

Mfitness now owns a spacious, well-designed gym that can satisfy any type of exercise. Gymnasium is equipped with modern imported machine with professional personal trainer service. Yoga classes give the learners a great time of exploring the mind and body with the dedicated instruction of the India masters. You can also enjoy sublime hours with Group X exercises on top of the music background. This is a subtle combination of exercise and recreation that enhances the flexibility of the body and gives you a glamorous look.

Mfitness is truly an ideal place to help the customers exercise the health, enjoy the moments of relaxation, entertainment with their friends and loved ones. The presence of Mfitness contributes to improve the quality of life, health care physically and mentally for customers. Visit Mfitness to experience the difference and feel the beautiful life as your way.

Addressed: No 1/163 Hoang Ngan Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi
Hotline: 0915181163 – 096 118 4369
Phone 0243 6269 9995
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